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Children's Classes
Children learn a combined style of Martial Arts at our school. We maintain respect, discipline and self control without time consuming katas and excessive bowing. The children practice strength building bag work, safe sparring, and real life self defense moves that make them feel empowered to protect themselves. Fear is paralyzing and it can affect a person's ability to defend themselves, however, if your child is prepared with rehearsed situations their chances for becoming a victim to bullies, child molesters or unsafe individuals will be greatly reduced by giving them the natural programming to defend themselves in any given situation.

Children, who train at Sigala's Martial Arts, learn much more than kicking and punching. These children learn the importance of goal setting, self-discipline and, hard work that can be applied to all areas of their life. Most kids probably will not compete in the ring, but by practicing the Martial Arts, they will build the necessary skills and confidence to become champions of life.

Born to be a winner, Trained to be a Champion

Building Champions of Life
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