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Muy Thai | Kick Boxing
One of the unique benefits of training at our school is our ranking system. Because Mr. Sigala is an 8th Degree Black Belt, and because he was a professional kick boxer, you will be able to train like a fighter while earning rank towards a black belt.

For true self defense martial art development, we do not spend time with katas, forms, stances and repetitious poses. We focus your training on real life application to everyday threats and necessary self protection techniques. You will also train as a fighter and learn the most powerful ring strategies even if you choose not to compete.

We provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere that promotes individual growth and development, allowing all of our students to build confidence in order to reach goals and get in shape at any age. You will build experience and learn the most effective martial arts techniques while having fun and enjoyment in a family friendly environment.

If your desire is to compete, we train amateur and professional competitors.

Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever
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